Mobility (Wheelchair Service) at Yellow Jersey

Here at Yellow Jersey, we change punctures while you wait on wheelchairs as well as bicycles - and at the same $4 rate. Our wheelchair tubes are the same price as bicycle tubes - standard size Schrader ( car-type) valve tubes are $3.95. Some specialty sizes are slightly higher but compare our typical service charge of $8.39 (including sales tax, usually finished in ten minutes) with typical medical-supply house charges of $30 and sometimes $50, often after a week's delay. We're adamant that bicyclists deserve prompt service and we're even more strongly commited to wheelchair service

We accept all major cards but we cannot offer billing to government agencies nor to insurance carriers

Extended service to wheel chairs includes wheel building, especially for sport and competition chairs and frame repair/modification. We can rebuild wheels on your existing hubs or set up a new set of the wonderful Phil Wood wheelchair hubs, optionally with Phil's superb bayonet quick release system. Many chairs use proprietary service parts which our supplier can deliver within a few days for even the most obscure bits. Most common wheelchair tires and tubes, even electrics, are in stock here for immediate installation.

Ever thought about extending your mobility? The German Duet is a most unusual and exciting new product that can extend your mobility range!
We ship wheelchair rubber and parts! how to order

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