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New framesets here are checked for alignment on arrival and all threads and bores are checked with Campagnolo gauges. You may request rear end spacing on steel frames at 130mm for standard road applications or 135mm which is the mountain bike standard. That wider format has some following lately for touring wheels as the spoke tension is somewhat less differentiated, a useful thing for modern eight, nine and ten speed casettes.

Even cyclists who prefer to do their own assembly often ask us to set the headset and crank bearing in the frame as these jobs are trivially simple with the right tools and those tools are quite expensive considering that you'll only use them once per frame. Obviously we'd be happy to sell you a new Campagnolo or other headset or crank bearing assembly and that installation is of course no extra charge. We also don't charge for either or both installations when you're buying a frameset, even when we're installing your own used parts. Just ask.

If we are shipping your frameset to you, we use sturdy Waterford frame cartons with the appropriate spacers and bubble pack to ensure your frameset arrives pristine. Because we ship USPS Priority insured, someone must sign for the package. Consider that when you tell us where to send it.
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