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Saddles or Seats, either is correct. If you have a favorite, we'll ship you a new one or go get it for you. If you need advice, we'll do our best

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We know that you just can't tell if a saddle is right for you until you take it for a good long ride or two. We are understanding of that problem so we'll gladly exchange or refund any saddle as long as it looks like new. Do try to retain all the packaging materials and receipts to make it a little easier for us. There's no time limit on that but usually you should be able to tell within a couple of weeks.

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As my good friend Michael Schwering used to say, adjusting the rider's position is good for cyclists but selling a guy a new seat every once in a while pays the rent. Michael's dead now but there's still more than a little truth to that. Many "saddle" complaints actually relate more to handlebars that are too low or too far away. When the bars are positioned poorly, the rider's pelvis tips forward and that puts pressure on the middle part of the seat. Bad, bad, bad. Ideally one's ischia ("sit bones") bear the rider's weight on either side of the back portion of the saddle. If you are having seat discomfort, get some advice about position whether you buy a new saddle or not.

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Here's where I get to quote myself. "Cycling is supposed to be fun!". If it hurts, something is not right.

I once fell in love with a bright and beautiful woman who was also a cyclist. She was athletic and very disciplined, with a regular routine of aerobic and anaerobic workouts at a gym besides riding on Sunday and commuting 2 miles on her 1984 Gitane. She confided in me that she could not ride more than a couple of miles 2 days in a row because of the pain from pressure on the middle part of the saddle. Ouch! After changing to a higher handlebar stem and swapping to a slightly wider saddle, she made her bike fit better. The discomfort went away. She thought that excruciating pain in a human's most sensitive area was a normal part of cycling. I wonder how many other people view our sport as a test of how much pain one can bear! "Cycling is supposed to be fun!" Really!

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The "The Seat" Seat

Genuine British Brooks Handmade Saddles

Which brings us to gel, slots and unusual designs. If you think they will help, try one! If it's not better, try another or just return it. We don't mind exchanges or returns but the return postage is on you.

It's easy to cure an uncomfortable saddle position
Here's how to install and adjust your new saddle. Click to enlarge photo

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