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2016 Soma are Tange Prestige Tube
Here's a new and interesting frame series designed right here in USA - or at least California -from premium quality Reynolds tube.

Besides this attractive single-speed model with nice hefty horizontal ends, Soma offers a range of geometries in a limited color spectrum at an amazingly low price. Model selection ,size range and options are not as broad or expansive as our popular Gunnar frames. But then again, Soma frames are a lot less expensive than Gunnars. Heck, Soma frames are even less expensive than aluminum frames but they weigh about the same, ride better and last a lifetime with their premium Reynolds tube.
best value fixed we know of
halloween If you need a normal sized bike in a regular format and you can live with a clean but not flashy finish, these frames are the logical choice!

you can have it your way. Really

you can have it your way. Really

    Soma 2016
  • Many models can use other optional forks as you prefer
  • Soma Frame model material price / fork style
  • Soma Cross Tange Prestige $419 / Soma semi-sloping crown AH $120; Carbon $250
  • Soma Road Tange Prestige $499 / IRD Mosaic Carbon $250
  • Soma Road Sport Tange Prestige $419 / Unicrown CrMo 500 brake $120
  • Soma Road Sport Tange Prestige $419 / IRD Carbon Tour $250
  • Soma MTB Tange Prestige $419 / Unicrown CrMo "shock height" $120
  • Soma Pista Fixed Tange Prestige $419 / Flat crown CrMo $120
  • Soma Buena Vista Mixte Tange Prestige $499 w/fork / Flat crown CrMo included
  • Soma SAGA Tange Prestige $549 / with sloping crown CrMo fork
  • Soma Delancey Fixed Tange Prestige $-out- w/fork Chromed Lugs & Crown!
  • Soma Stanyan Sport Tange Prestige $730 w/fork Chromed Lugs & Crown!
  • discontinued model; last frameset 60cm gloss black w/chrome

chrome chrome chrome chrome chrome chrome
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Genuine Reynolds Tube

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