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Removing Tools
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Here are the tools for removing SunTour freewheels:

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For these and all notched ( not splined) freewheel tools, secure the tool in the clean frewheel recess with a skewer. Mount the tool securely in a vise, rock the wheel back and forth and then retighten the skewer to ensure the tool is completely engaged in the clean recess of the freehweel body. Else the tool will chip (and possibly damage the freewheel as well).

Remove by unscrewing (anti-clockwise) the wheel from the tool. As soon as there is movement, remove the skewer else it will break under the strain.

To install, use grease or anti-sieze paste on the clean freewheel threads, spin on by hand and pedal tight.

    PARK USA yes, American made steel!
    Modern freewheel removers.. $9.95
  • FR2C Suntour 2-notch .. $9.95
  • FR3C Suntour 4-notch.. $9.95
  • FR1C Shimano HG Freewheel=Campagnolo CS lockring.. $9.95
  • FR5C Shimano HG Cassette.. $9.95
  • BBT5C Campagnolo CS/BB ( 16mm hole in center).. $9.95
  • FR4C AtomRegina small splines.. $9.95
  • FR7C Falcon damned close to Shimano which won't of course fit properly .. $9.95
  • FD6C EZ-OFF single speed 4-notch format
    Suntour Original Design, now everyone uses it!.. $14.95

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