Yellow Jersey's
New Year's Ride

These are 2008
pre-ride photos
We were served by Gino's charming and attentive waitresses besides Wasei
We arrived just before noon at Gino's for Gino Gargano's warm
Italian hospitality and Wasei's Afghani-Italian coffee
Can you see yourself here?
1 January 2008

Disaster looms!
Gino's espresso machine is down!
Somehow we survived

half the group

We rode west through the Arboretum where we stumbled upon Jill Karofsky , running. Sadly Mimi's freewheel comitted suicide at the halfway point
A cold but sunny day with good company
a splendid day was enoyed by all
half the group
half the group
half the group

It's always nice to buy something;
how to order

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