Araya ADX-4 Tubular Rimsat
Yellow Jersey

Yes! These are the very rims used on true Keirin bikes! Araya ADX rims were factory original equipment to 3Rensho Super Record Export bicycles, Panasonic Team Aero models and a dozen other classic era bikes.

classy shape

    Easy to like:
  • 18.7mm wide
  • 16.0mm tall
  • Graceful shape
  • Super hard finish
  • 300g
  • legendary stiffness and longevity
  • Archive page only check current page with current rim inventory
      classy shape

      Early model 1978 ADX-1 used a small aluminum insert at the nipple, (a lot like Mavic CXP-30). Araya redesigned the ADX in 1984 with a thicker center extrusion. . The improved model with thicker apex and nipple seat milled in obviated the inserts and gained legendary durability. we have 'em

      Here are the details:

      nicely proportioned

        Note: The remaining rims are:
      • 700 tubular 24h Grey *OUT*
      • 700 tubular 28h Grey - out-
      • 700 tubular 32h Grey -out-
      • 700 tubular 36h Grey $-out-
      • 700 tubular undrilled silver $139.95
      • 24" tubular 24h $139.95
      • Occasionally another format
      • so call and we'll check
      • $139.95 each while they last.

      how to order

      Yes! That's the rim I want to order right now!

      Maybe! I need a bit more information about them first!

      Not Quite! I need some 27 inch rims for my bike

      These classic design rims build well for lighter riders and track wheels. 24 is still a relatively small number


      yes! we have 27-inch, 700C, tubular, 650B and other vintage NOS rims!

      We have plenty more vintage rims of
      all descriptions - maybe even the ones you seek!

      Here's a tranche of Italian vintage equipment.
      We continue to receive new vintage pro equipment fromEurope and Japan

      Here are the amazing Rigida 1622 Touring Rims a standard for many years ALL SOLD

      Call or write please.

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