A Tranche of Vintage
Italian Classic Era Rims
atYellow Jersey

Periodically, we are able to secure quantities of classic, especially Italian, tubular rims. These are all new, unbuilt from the early seventies to the late 1980s

Modern clinchers are both lighter and stronger besides being round see also: Velocity Clincher Rims
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vintage new arrivals!
clincher rims
Just arrived mid-1990s models
new in wrapper
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Some are singles,
in some we have a dozen

Prices are per each rim, or pairs as noted

  • Record Crono 36h $-you missed them -
  • Lambda Strada 32h silver - out -
  • Omega Strada Hardox 32h $ all gone!
  • Omega Strada Hardox 36h $ - out -
  • Omega Strada Hardox Aero 32h $ - out -
  • Omega Strada Hardox Aero 36h $ - out -
  • Omega Strada XL Black 28h $all sold
  • Sigma Pavé Hardox 32h $-out-
  • Victory Strada 32h grey finish new pair in wrapper $ -all sold-
  • Victory Crono 36h pair new in wrapper $-out-
  • Barcelona 32h sold every last one, all gone

  • GP4 36h $ all sold
  • Argent 10 320g silver polish 32h one only $140
  • Montlhery Route -out-
  • GEL 280 36h 280g ONE RIM ONLY $150
  • OR 10 28h [gold] $- out -
  • AR 10 32h [silver] $120
  • - two late label, two early label -

  • Formula 20 Crono Durex 375g -out-
  • silver 32h Synthesis 425g $-out-
  • grey Montreal 32h wrapped pairs $ 260pr
  • Futura Aero Grey cut sides 32h $260pair

  • Red Label Pista 36h and 32h BACK IN STOCK! 360g $190 ea new in wrapper.
  • Red Label Strada 36h, 360g $-out again-
  • Red Label Strada 32h, 360g -out-
  • Red Label Strada 28h, 360g $140 each
  • no more 40h! all sold! it's over!
  • Red Label blue anodized 24h 360g $75 ea
  • Red Label blue anodized 28h 360g $75 ea
  • Black Label Pista polished 36h 375g new pairs in wrapper $250/pr
  • Yellow Label Strada 32h 310g $-out-
  • Hard Silver 36h 310g pairs new in wrapper $280/pr
  • Hard Silver 32h 310g $280/pr
  • RCX 32h $130 ea
  • Master 32h $-out- new pair in wrapper (pair only)
  • Blue Label 36h polish no ferrules new pairs in wrapper $**all sold**
  • Iride Ergal 36h new pairs in wrapper $*out*
  • Iride Ergal 32h new pairs in wrapper $-out-
  • Ergal Gold Label 32h high polish pairs new in wrapper 310g $-out-
  • Ergal Gold Label 32h high polish singles 310g $ -out-
  • Ergal Gold Label 24h 310g $-out-
  • Red Label Pista 28h 360g $110 ea
  • Red Label Pista 24h 360g $110 ea
  • Red Label Pista 24-inch 36h $140 ea

  • Profesionnel 36h new pairs in wrapper $- out-
  • Original equipment on Carlton Raleigh Pro,Comp, many others

  • Parigi Roubaix -all sold-

    SuperChampion RIMS
  • Arc - en- Ciel factory wrapper 36h pair $ -out-
  • Arc - en- Ciel factory wrapper Black 32h pair $260pr
  • Record du Monde 36h new $-all sold-
  • Medaille d'Or 36h $ - out -
  • Wolber Aspin 32h Grey pair new in wrapper $249pr


  • #16B Keirin NJS silver 310g 32h $139.95ea
  • #16B Keirin NJS silver 310g 36h $139.95ea
  • ADX-4 aero grey 300g 24h *OUT*
  • ADX-4 aero grey 300g 28h, 32h $-out-
  • ADX-4 aero grey 300g 36h $-gone forever-
  • HIGH POLISH silver undrilled ADX-4 aero 300g $139.95ea
  • ADX-4 24-inch aero grey 300g 24h $ *ALL SOLD*
  • HIGH POLISH undrilled ADX-4 24" aero 300g $-out-
  • Tita Ace Titanium Tubular - o u t -


    F.I.R. RIMS
  • Quasar -out-
  • Special Service Course 28h 350g $sold
  • Sirius 32h polished silver, inserts $99
  • Mizar low aero grey 36h $99
  • ST-120 32h only black 425g $-out-

  • Bravo 45 D 32h $-out-

  • Professional -last ones gone forever-
  • [no model label] 32h gold anodized $140ea, one rim left

  • CX Pro 32h $- out -
  • CG Pro Grey 36h $130 one rim only
  • CG Pro Grey 32h $130
  • Strada no inserts silver 32h $120
  • Crono 28h 360g $130
  • Pista 28h gold $125 one only
  • Pista 32h gold $125 one only

  • [no model label] 385g 36h $ - out -
  • [no model label] 385g 32h $60
  • [no model label] 385g 28h $60
  • Countach - out
  • Solidal 36h $-sold out-
  • Solidal 32h $99.95 each
  • Solidal 24h $- all sold-
  • EKIP 32h $75 one rim only

    650C = 26" TUBULAR RIMS
  • Velocity Pro Elite aero turquiose anodize 28h Cut Sides $90ea
  • Saavedra Turbo Aero 36h pair w/ nipple inserts, tool, new in wrapper silver anodize $260pr

lots of rims here
lots of rims here
lots of rims here

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