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Marino Basso won the
World Championship
Bicycle Road Race
at Gap, France in 1972.

The three Basso brothers, Marino, Renato and Alcide opened
their frame shop in 1977 near Campagnolo at Vicenza Italy.
We had a long and warm relationship with them and proudly carried
the classic BASSO GAP fillet-brazed frameset. 4.4lb when they were still available.

Basso Gap Geomtery

Classic Italian Racing Geometry

making Bassos

A nice size for a bike factory- efficient but not too big

nice cast socketed ends

New clean cast ends

good work!

beautiful fillets

after the sale service

You can call the Basso brothers- they're nice people and helpful.

Nicest fillet brazing we've ever seen Nice crisp castings well finished

Basso Gap at Yellow Jersey

Basso has made their most popular model, the Gap, for many years with exceptionally comfortable and solid geometry. We note with some sadness that this model is discontinued. This wonderful frameset was available in most sizes at just $ . It's a blend of Columbus and Deda Italian steel, carefully balanced for gauge in every size, that weighs just 4.4lbs frame and fork. The Gap is meticulously fillet-brazed and carefully finished to a sleek smooth joint at the head tube. Basso uses their precision cast real Italian SCM fork crown (not many bikes are built that nicely any more!)and their modern super stiff cast bottom bracket. Frame ends are Basso's own and again precision cast SCM. Full braze-ons and one of the most beautiful Italian finishes available round out the Basso Gap. Metallic Blue or Metallic Steel Grey, $ .

SUCH AS Waterford or Gunnar

Classic Basso::

Blue or Grey, nicely done for only $

We offer a full range of equipment options
Modern Campagnolo complete bikes start under $.... plus frame with no skimping,
handbuilt wheels and full equipment options just the way you like!

Last Basso

No more Bassos in our showroom

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