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This afternoon I received an email from a customer who asked why wed charge so much to build his frame with a Campagnolo Chorus ensemble when another company advertised "Campagnolo Chorus Group" for a couple hundred dollars less.

Unfortunately, pricing quirks in our industry contribute to this confusion. A "group" can be as little as the following selection of parts:

  • crank
  • crank bearing
  • derailleurs
  • shifters
  • cassette
  • calipers

We offer Campagnolo bicycles built with a complete package including the previous list plus all the other Campagnolo items. A complete bike requires the previous group plus the following components:

  • headset
  • seatpost
  • stem
  • handlebars
  • front hub
  • rear hub
  • skewers
  • chain
  • two tires
  • two rims
  • some spokes
  • rim liners
  • two tubes
  • cables
  • saddle
  • tape
  • seat bolt
  • wheelbuilding
  • bike assembly

That makes for a more difficult comparison! Our complete bicycle ensembles are inclusive, ready to ride and priced very competitively. Take a look!

Campagnolo Bike Ensembles for 2009

Moreover we are all about choice. We welcome your personal input. We are very happy to build wheels to your personal requirements, we'll use the tire you like and add the saddle you prefer. We have the equipment you want and, if we don't, our suppliers back us with very prompt delivery so you don't wait. And most popular equipment is a straight swap at no extra charge.

Here's our affordable program for Campagnolo drive train upgrades.

We can build basic commuter bikes as well, such as our popular fixed gear/single speed packages. We can do that using your existing front wheel or saddle or other equipment. You tell us how you'd like to do it.

If you need a quotation on a reduced "group", a complete bicycle or just a drive train, write us! We'll do our best.
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