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Few aspects of bicycling are so interminably frustrating to the average cyclist than those darned low handlebars.

There are really good reasons to tune your aero riding position for many competitive events, notably triathlon. For tri and time trial riding, getting your back level to the ground, your arms way ahead to open your rib cage and the bars nice and low will measurably improve your times. We have a broad selection of suitable stems to do that. They are either traditional level to the ground and far away from the seat or even (like Nitto's Jaguar Pro track stem ) sloping down 58 degrees.

But, how about the rest of us? The bulk of cyclists don't race much if at all. We want to see where we're going! Another irritating aspect of low handlebars is that one's pelvis tips forward. That puts pressure on the middle part of the saddle. Ouch. A perusal of bicycle seat ads leads you to think there are a lot of low handlebars out there. Else why would designers cut out the middle part or add a big blob of gel there? You're supposed to be supported at the ischiae,. And you would be if your handlebars weren't so *&!!#* low!

Here are a few of the ways we can get your bars up:

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Notice that there are not just a lot of stems here, we also have adapters to mix-n-match formats.

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We're always available for fitting advice and help selecting equipment.

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