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Tubular Tires
at Yellow Jersey
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Links to various tubulars here:
Our Best Value Standard 300g tubular

all black or natural tan sidewall - same price

As always, the range of PANARACER tubular tires
All the current models and vintage nylon tubulars , too!

The newest entrant to the field,
recently FREED from SOVIET oppression
featuring a breakthrough design coup
from the Czech Republic
seamless T U F O tubular tires.

And a broad ever-changing selection of
handmade and exotic tubular tires:

    We also have today:
  • Deda Olympico 260g $95
  • Handmade in italy Veloflex Criterium $160
  • Handmade in italy Veloflex Paris Roubaix $180
  • Handmade Clement Criterium $119.95
  • Handmade Clement Paris Roubaix $-out-
  • Handmade Vittoria Freedom Kevlar $99
  • Handmade Vittoria KK Corsa Kevlar $99
  • Handmade Vittoria CX $99.95
  • Handmade Vittoria 18mm EVO Pista $99.95
  • Handmade A Dugast France Race 250g 21mm $119.95
  • Handmade A Dugast *SILK* France Tour 25mm $259.95
  • Handmade Torelli Lugano 280g $79.95

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