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Here are some of the valves and related bits you'll find on bicycles.

There's more.  Really.

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Here is another detail of Presta valves, again click to enlarge:
photo by J Brandt
Our Own Servizio Corsa Tubulars

    Valves and Related Hardware
  • 1 Valve extenders for Presta valves in deep-section rims
  • 2 assorted Schrader valve caps. More on that below.
  • 3 reverse adapter, adapts Schrader valve to Presta pump
  • 4 Various adapters for Presta valve and Schrader pump or air line
  • screw-on with O-RIng brass or aluminum 95 cents
  • SKS press-on ("express") with chain $9.95
  • 6 Schrader valves for tubeless rims
  • 7 Bolt-in Schrader valves. The base is wide and smooth, ovoid in cross section and installs easier wet
  • 8 A Schrader valve [poorly] molded into an inner tube. This one fell out.
  • 8 Schrader valve cores [above]
  • 9 A cute Presta valve ring with a step to locate it nicely in a Schrader rim
  • 10 Presta valves. The one at the left is a bolt-in type. The long one is for deep-section rims. Some of these have a removeable core
  • 11 Valve extenders for Schrader valves. These include a valve pin extension
  • 12 Woods [Dunlop] valves. Air can flow in under the rubber tube but not out.
  • 13 Schrader valve core removers.

    Valve caps for Schrader were once metal, usually steel, with a rubber seal under the cap. These were common when valves were not as uniformly well made as today. With automatic screw machines, valve core failure is rare. Still and all, it's resonable to check that with a drop of soapy water.

    When John Howard was attempting a land speed record with a motorpaced bicycle, the Schrader valves opened when the speed was sufficient to depress the pin - the pin's mass overcame the spring - a problem solved with real Schrader metal caps with rubber liners.

    As part of a usenet discussion about valve body material, here's a sectioned presta valve showing its brass material under the nickel plating:

    Brass, really


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