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Finally a good one -Italian of course Timeless - and we have the spare seals too!

We have our equity tied up in this sort of thing

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  • Schrader Hose 160mm for hose-in-handle pumps $9.95
  • Presta Hose 160mm for hose-in-handle pumps $9.95
  • Dunlop-Woods Hose 160mm for hose-in-handle pumps $9.95
  • Presta Silca Brass Track Head $19.95
  • Presta Silca Aluminum Track Head $19.95
  • Presta/Schrader Silca Brass Head w/nylon $19.95
  • Presta Right-Angle Silca BrassDisc Head $29.95
  • Silca rubber seal large #74 $9.95
  • Silca rubber seal small PV-SV #624 $9.95 classic black
  • Silca rubber seal small PV-SV #624 $9.95 modern synthetic red
  • Silca leather pump piston Impero frame pump $9.95
  • Silca leather pump piston Pista floor pump $9.95
  • Schrader Locking Wire Bail Silca Brass Head $ - out -
  • Silca 800mm high pressure hose only no head $19.95
  • SKS adapter on a chain - presta valve w/schrader pump $19.95
  • M.D.I. - Meidai "TopSuper" Neoprene O-Ring late model piston $- all sold-
  • Use Silca Leather Piston for Meidai Top and Top Super models
  • MDI type replacement aftermarket floor pump hose $9.95 image below 9.5mm coarse thread
  • Zefal Pump "Wings" fit on side of head $9.95/pair
  • Zefal HPX Pump Internal Kit $ - out-
  • Zefal HPX Urethane Piston $ - out-
  • Stainless Hose Clamp $0.95
  • Topeak hose/head system for all floor pumps $19.95
  • Topeak kit includes all hardware and fittings for any pump.

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