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We've always been big on Michelin, from the classic Michelin Fifty when we first opened, through the groundbreaking Michelin Elan [the first modern raceable clincher], to today's wonderful corner-hugging Axial series (in colors, yet!).
We've just received the full preview for 2008 and I've typed every last item into our automatic order system

I swiped this graphic from Michelin

The "neuveauites" are in two graphics:

I swiped this graphic from Michelin

There's more!

I swiped this graphic from Michelin

Tech note:
We've been successfully mounting Michelin Tubeless mountain bike tires on standard mountain bike rims all year. They fit and perform very well. If you find a Michelin Tubeless tire you like, rest assured it will mount on your standard inner-tube type rim.

Need tires? All our Michelin is now available through our automatic order system

All 2008 tires are here, We do stock deeply in Michelin products. If it exists in USA, we have it!

Lithion and Krylion Carbon colors below:
we mount them too

Yes, Michelin is a French company. It is our considered opinion that the duplicitous * * * * who set French state policy probably do not consult with Michelin or with anyone in the bicycle industry. Michelin makes good tires. Michelin makes them in France. If that bothers you, we have many other brands.
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