classic Italian Impero model
Silca Framefit Pumps
at Yellow Jersey

traditional styling complements vintage and modern bicycles!
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Limited availability and still affordable, timeless classic Silca pumps add a vintage look to complete your road bike.
Pumps $59.95, Body Only $49.95 See update below
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Silca frame fit pumps are larger diameter than most modern pumps so they require more muscle at road pressures. And they are plastic so you can only bash something with a Silca once. And although we can supply a Schrader head, it's marginal. So consider them an express presta only pump. These pumps are not for everyone and we don't have every size/color but while we do the price is very low.

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How to measure a Silca Impero Frame Pump

Silca has used several different size systems over the years
The last version made is shown above in pearl silver with an integrated black sleeve/head
(this model is all gone)
For classic Silcas, measure the space between the tubes so we know the span required. classic
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    Silca Dimensions
  • Please measure your frame's span
  • "span" meaning inside-to-inside where the pump fits
  • along the tube where you want this pump
  • Give us your general preferences for color
  • i.e., first, second, third choice
  • If it must be a certain color, just say so
  • We'll do our best!
  • With Silca Impero pumps, you get a choice of heads
  • Presta or Schrader head
  • And a choice of colors, too!
  • last made c. 1993
  • color options are very limited now (2017)
  • 2017 Limited sizes. Colors limited. LAST CALL !!


    Silca Floor Pumps & Parts Price List
  • Classic Silca Pista floor pump $79.95
  • Classic Silca Super Pista floor pump $99.95
  • All Italian made Silca floor pumps include big bourdon tube gauge, leather piston, steel barrel.
  • minor features may vary, all are new NOS, these are now discontinued.
  • click for floor pump service bits page
  • Floor pumps are big and heavy, please ask for delivery estimate

    Live a little!!
  • Just arrived, more!
  • electric colors !
  • accent colors !
  • bright colors !
  • even white [ easily sprayed any color!]
  • 2017 Limited sizes, mostly short sizes Limited color selection. LAST CALL !!

c l i c k __ t o __ s e e __ l a r g e __ p h o t o __ !


    How To Order A Silca Framefit Pump
  • Measure your frame please
  • for your intended tube, measure carefully
  • Please measure the span inside to inside
  • Call us at 608.257.4737 or 608.257.7733
  • Ask which colors are available in your size
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  • Click for New Silca Colors
  • Or email a request and we'll check color selection for you
  • 2017 Few original Silca remain
  • Short sizes only. Color selection is limited. LAST CALL !!
  • Any major card or PayPal is fine with us!


how to order
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2017 Last call few remain
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Small parts for pumps
Tubular repair products
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Tubular Tires

Note all Silca heads are "express" type- - push on, push off, no threads
which makes the Schrader model daunting in use.
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    Spring 2005
  • We acquired a tranche of Silca and wrote this page
  • October 2005
  • we have sold all the Bianchi Celeste color pumps. Size / color choices quite limited now.
  • Winter 2005-6
  • We found another collection of new vintage Silca! (Still no Bianchi Celelste). Now several colors in every size!.
  • March 2007
  • Wow! Another shipment found in Italy, mostly white.
  • Autumn 2009
  • Purchased a small tranche of new Silca in Europe
  • Spring 2010
  • Limited sizes/colors. LAST CALL !!
  • Spring 2014
  • We received Silca black heads so complete pumps $59.95 Pump bodies in mostly short sizes Limited colors. LAST CALL !!
  • Spring 2017
  • Small NOS Silca selection discovered in Europe
  • including some classic flat-top early version $59.95 body w/o head
  • 2017 Classic Impero now limited sizes/colors. LAST CALL !!
  • just in time NEW USA SILCA
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  • 608.257.4737
  • 608.257.7733

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the best is now even better!

2017 Best Silca ever, new USA made Silca Aluminum in stock now!
SILCA pumps are not returnable
for 'wrong size'
Please measure as noted above before ordering

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