Brooks "Pre-Aged" Distressed Finish
British Leather Saddles
new for 2005 . . . for the discerning cyclist

Just arrived!
Brooks has applied their "Pre-Age" process to these premium saddles
for a unique color, hand and countenance.
The leather arrives softer and more supple - - but not 'swayback' or damaged.
Your new saddle starts in the ideal condition - -
a condition that others achieved only after muliple century rides and diligent care.!

The color is Brooks Pre-Age Dun, a subtle understated Khaki
Goes well with any color bike and accessories without clashing - it just looks comfortable!

Here's a "Pre-Age" Brooks next to a classic Honey finish
- same "Brooks Flyer" model - the new spring saddle for standard posts


Here's another view of the finish in natural light

    The perfect finishing touch for Very Special Bicycles!

  • only $120 in various models
  • 2-day delivery anywhere in USA just $10
  • No, this finish isn't available on every Brooks saddle
  • We have Pre-Age Flyer,
  • Pre-Age Flyer Ladies'
  • Pre-Age B.17 Standard
  • Pre-Age B.67
  • Pre-Age B.67 Ladies'
  • New New New! Be the first kid on your block!
  • The guy down the street doesn't have one of these
  • Interesting and attractive people ask to touch them!
  • None of these are in our Shopping Cart system yet, so
  • Phone your order 608.257.4737 or 608.257.7733, or
  • email your order below. Just send us your shipping address and card number.

We carry the full range of Brooks saddles , bags, covers, tools, small parts and, of course, Brooks Proofhide
Antique Brown

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