Sturmey Archer
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Steel Drum Front model BF above

Aluminum Drum Front model XFD above

Aluminum 3-Speed with Drum model XRD3 above

Aluminum Drum Front with 6V3W Dymano above

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Sturmey Archer
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When you select any two drum brake hubs or any drum hub with a multi-speed gearbox (such as the Sachs-SRAM Super Seven, Sturmey, Maxicar, SRAM I-Nine or a Nexus product), we'll calculate your spoke length at no charge and provide Wheelsmith butted stainless spokes with brass nipples at half-price, a $30 value. Interested? Send an email and let's talk!

YES WE HAVE Maxicarhubs.
anyone else will tell you they no longer exist!

And of course the wonderful German SRAM Super Seven gearboxes
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